100% Placement Assistance by RCM for All MBA Students

Everybody likes to consume a career which will offer him/her with a plenty of job prospects. However, when you join an institution for a course, it is not always ensured that the concerned institution will assist you in finding a job. In this case, Regional College of Management (RCM), Bhubaneswar is an exception as applicants enrolling at RCM for MBA program or PGDM program or any other well integrated course gets 100% placement assistance.

RCM Students

At RCM, the requirements of students are understood and they are served to find a job in their intrigued areas. Placement is a prominent part of any program and our dedicated career service team at RCM constantly strives to fortify and increase the industrial contacts. Likewise, when you enlist at RCM for a well-organized and structured two years full-time MBA, two years full-time PGDM, three years part-time MBA, and three years MCA program, you are enrolled for a course with a nationwide recognition. Therefore, this helps all RCM Students Certificates explore the job opportunities in the country and abroad.

By giving relevant placement assistance to all the students, RCM helps the students in changing their dreams into reality. When a student is enrolled for a program, an interpersonal relationship is established between the students and the institution, and this helps the Placement Cell of RCM to search the right position for a respective individual. The placement cell is already aware about your profile and they offer you the position that will be of your choice and you don’t need to change in your career path.

Hence, after joining at RCM, getting placed in a right job is not just a desire.

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Why Companies Are Interested in Hiring RCM MBA Students?

As business analysts anticipate that the market scenario will go through a positive change in the next financial year, it goes without saying that there would be a growth in employment. In a recent survey organized financial analysts revealed that there was an improvement in the national economy and India appears to attain a better GDP growth in the next quarter of the financial year 2014.RCM Students

In a scenario where the global economy is recovering fast, MBA’s are certain to be in huge demand in the coming years. Since MBA students have to undergo a stringent business management training syllabus along with different modules in managerial communication, attitude development, group dynamics and team development, stress management entrepreneurship development and leadership skills, they generally rise as the leaders in being employed at big corporates in India and overseas.

Odisha is blessed with a number of MBA institutes which provide the right opportunity to management aspirants and help them to succeed in the corporate sector. Among the facilities that have been leading the cause of management education in Odisha, the institutes that deserve acknowledgement are:

  • Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar
  • Regional College Of Management, Bhubaneswar
  • Kalinga Institute of Industrial technology, Bhubaneswar
  •  ICFAI Business School, Bhubaneswar

RCM MBA Students

What makes RCM MBA Students exceed over their fellows is the novel and creative environment in which they are trained, together with the intelligence of the experienced teaching staff. The students are able to instill the managerial values through formal education, and practical training through their internship programs. This indeed ensures that they are always prepared to take care of professional challenges without any difficulty and disgrace. Since, RCM could be proud of its rich talent pool, both national and international companies take much more interest in hiring our MBA students.

Our students are more likely to have the highest placements in the coming period with other eminent B-schools. The HR personnel working with our institute have devoted themselves in helping students get quality placement. To know more about the facilities, aspirants can check out our official website – www.rcm.ac.in

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PG Diploma In Logistics & Supply Chain Management | PGDLSCM Admission | RCM Students

Post Graduate Diploma In Logistics & Supply Chain Management ( PGDLSCM )

Duration: 18 Month Program – Full Time
Level: PG Diploma
Eligibility: Bachelor Degree


Over the last four decades the discipline of business logistics has advanced from the warehouse and transport level to board room of leading global enterprises. It is identified as an independent discipline and function in research, education and industry. In the context of overall performance inventory has value when it is positioned at the right location, time at lowest cost for value addition or transfer of ownership. Logistics is an important tool to achieve competency to link enterprise to customers and suppliers.

This course aims at helping supervisors, managers and professionals to refine their essential managerial skills in the various areas of logistics by understanding the basic theories and practices in effective management of materials flow in Organizations. Transport & Logistics sector is of prime importance to the growing economy a need was felt to provide training facilities in transport functions of the relevant Transportation Industry with special reference to International Business.

The program begins by laying the groundwork for a comprehensive understanding of what supply chain management is and how it can be effectively used to increase an organization’s efficiency and profitability. The program further examines different Supply Chain Management strategies and methods of forecasting demand, aggregate planning and network design. This program has tie up with reputed Company for effective course design and placement.

The employment opportunities are: in international logistics manufacturing, marketing and retail chains, in various functions: Warehousing, Supply Chain, integrated, transportation, consultancy etc. Logistics business as transportation is in existence for long and has excellent opportunities with integration of outsourced functions added to it.

Aims & Objectives
The aims of the programme are: to provide an academically rigorous postgraduate programme of education in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, in preparation for employment in relevant careers. In the context of this overall aim, the course is designed to extend the students’ knowledge by enabling them to:

  • Acquire a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of internal operations and logistics, and the externally oriented practices of supply chain management, strategic purchasing and global logistics.
  • Combine theoretical and applied perspectives of logistics and supply chain management.
  • Acquire sound knowledge and understanding of relevant aspects of accounting and human resource management.
  • Acquire a sound knowledge of quantitative techniques and software tools applied to problems in logistics and supply chain management.
  • Acquire knowledge and insight into the application of information systems to logistics and supply chain management.
  • Develop analytical skills and an understanding of the role of consultants.
  • Acquire an understanding of sustainable supply chain concepts and practices.
  • Conduct an in-depth investigative study into a relevant topic leading to a dissertation or work placement report.

Achievement of RCMA

  • Top Institute of India on April 20, 2013.
  • “Quality Management Education & Accreditation Award: from Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) on 27th August 2012.
  • ACBSP International Accreditation Certificate from Accreditation Council for Business Schools Programmes (ACBSP), USA in June 2011.
  • “Dr. Dharni P. Sinha Best Social Responsibility Award-2011″ conferred by Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) on August 25th-27th 2011.
  • “B-School Leadership Award” from Le Matinal Education Excellence Awards: Colin Travis, Global Chairman. The Award was received on 14th December, 2011.
  • Asia’s Best Business School Leadership Award on 23rd July, 2010 at Suntec Singapore.
  • Best Management Institute Award by World Management Congress on 30th December’ 2009 at New Delhi.

Salient Features of PGDLSCM Program

  • Structured curriculum and Innovative Pedagogy as per Industrial need.
  • Field Exposure, Live Projects and Industry Interface.
  • Summer Internship Program and 100% placement Assistance in reputed Multinational Logistics and Transportation Sector/Organizations.
  • Hostel facilities for both boys and girls.

Eligibility and Selection Process

  • Any Bachelor’s Degree from recognized university.
  • Preference for candidates with experience in Logistics sector/ industry.
  • Eligibility candidate will be called for GD/PI at RCM Campus Bhubaneswar during November-December 2013.
  • Last date of admission is 20th December 2013.

Application form is available at the college in between 10AM – 5PM with fee Rs.500 or Download application form from the website and send to the following address:

Address for Correspondence:

Regional College of Management
Chakadola Vihar, Chandrasekharpur,
Fax    :    0674-23026333
Web    :    http://www.rcm.ac.in
E-mail    :    pgdlscm.rcm@gmail.com

Contac Person:

Prof (Dr) Priti Ranjan Majhi, 9090080811 (M)
Prof. Sunil Kumar Dhal, 9090092928 (M)

Course Structure:

Paper Code
Total Credit
TRIMESTER-I (January-April)
Principles of Management for Logisticians
Managerial Economics and Environmental Analysis
PDLSM -1.2
Marketing Management
PDLSM -1.3
Quantitative Methods & Techniques in SCM Application
PDLSM -1.4
Introduction to  Logistics & Supply Chain Management
PDLSM -1.5
Business & Corporate Communication- LAB (Practical)
PDLSM -1.6
TRIMESTER –II (May-August)
Operations Management
PDLSM -2.1
Finance and Accounts for Logisticians
PDLSM -2.2
Information Technology Network in SCM
PDLSM -2.3
Quality Management, Six-Sigma and Lean Manufacturing Concepts
PDLSM -2.4
Supply Chain Strategies and Current Trend in Logistics
PDLSM -2.5
Data Analysis with Excel – LAB (Practical)
PDLSM -2.6
TRIMESTER –III (September-December)
Research Methodology for Management
PDLSM -3.1
Human Recourse Management
PDLSM -3.2
E-Commerce and Enterprise Recourse Planning (ERP)
PDLSM -3.3
Logistics Technology and  e-SCM
PDLSM -3.4
Import and Export  Management- Policies, Procedure & Practices
PDLSM -3.5
Soft-Skill  and Personality Development- LAB (Practical)
PDLSM -3.6
TRIMESTER –IV (January –April)
Project  Management
PDLSM -4.1
Customer  and Supplier Relationship Management
PDLSM -4.2
Business Logistics  & Multi-Model Transportation
PDLSM -4.3
Indian Foreign Trade policy, Procedure & Practice
PDLSM -4.4
International Logistics & Global Supply Chain Management
PDLSM -4.5
Data Analysis with SPSS – Research LAB (Practical)
PDLSM -4.6
TRIMESTER –V (May- July)
Summer Internship (Project and Viva Voce)
PDLSM -5.1

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RCM Telecom Management Programs | RCM Telecom Management Course | RCM College Students

In essence of liberalization and privatization of practically all aspects of man’s life, the role of telecommunications technology becomes very important for the economic growth of modern India and the world. The Telecom industry of India is on the edge of becoming the second biggest telecom sector in the world with an overall growth rate of 45 percent . There is an unprecedented demand for professionally trained manpower in telecom sector.

More than 10 million job opportunities will be created by 2014 to sustain the growth. To anticipate and support the telecommunication era, the qualifications of the human resource has to be prepared well in advance. This qualification should make them capable of not only coping with the management of operation & marketing of technologies, but also with innovating the telecommunications technology and implementing it to suit with the Indian conditions.

Objective :

  • To empower and develop competitive and effective business managers, for the telecom industry.
  • To ensure immediate application in the workplace through business and company related assignments, and commerce and industry specific dissertations.

To help students anticipate the trend in the development of telecommunications and the management of the operation & marketing of the modern telecommunications products and services.

Course Benefits:

The different core competencies offered in this course are: Understanding and Designing Data Networks; Understanding Optical Networks like SDH, SONET, DWDM; Understanding Wireless Networks (GSM, CDMA, 3G); Understanding Next Generation Networks (NGN) , Broadband Technologies and Marketing and sales of the modern telecommunication products and services , which remain to be preferred specialization areas offering higher number of opportunities

Employability :

The Telecom industry of India is on the edge of becoming the second biggest telecom sector in the world with an overall compactness of telecommunications of upto 47.89%. There is an unprecedented demand for professionally trained manpower in telecom sector. More than 10 million job opportunities will be created by 2014 to sustain the growth. The emergence of advance technologies and the high growth rate of the industry hold a lot of promise to the jobseekers. In the future, communication sector is going to employ more people than electronics, computer science or common basic sciences in the various positions such as:

Eligibility :

Any graduate, from any discipline with minimum 50% marks in aggregate.

Corporate Interactions:

“Placement is just one facet of the interface between RCM and the Industry, and we strongly believe that a far stronger and mutually beneficial relationship exists between the two. It is our endeavor to facilitate the exchange of knowledge between the students and the industry, thereby using mutual learning as the foundation of a fruitful relationship.

This exchange is brought about through various interactive forums, such as the Business Thought Leadership Series and other initiatives taken up by RCM in association with the industry. Such sessions see students getting a practical perspective on the theoretical concepts learnt in class; and industry stalwarts gaining fresher perspectives and newer ideas.

In our endeavor to provide students with maximum exposure to the real and current industry scenario, we undertake various programmes under the Corporate Interaction Initiative (CII). This provides an opportunity to the students to experience the working environment of the industry and the industry to look at the fresh pool of immense talent at RCM and thus, a fresh perspective. We highly value this relationship with the industry and aim to uphold the same in the future”

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RCM Aviation Management | Aviation Management Course | RCMA Certificates Issued

With the liberalization and privatization of airlines and airports, there is an unprecedented demand for professionally trained manpower in aviation sector. The field of airport management is a unique discipline with its roots in general business, but driven by the high-tech world of aviation and transportation.

Aviation is, in actuality, a global organization that requires disciplined, professional managers to design, manage, and operate the national and international aviation systems of the future. With the Indian aviation industry witnessing an average growth of over 20% per year, the demand for personnel equipped with detailed and specific knowledge has shot up. So the need of the hour is to not just look at the growing aviation industry but to notice the key factor which is supporting it – Aviation Management.

Objective :

  • Prepare professional managers for the aviation industry.
  • Provide employment opportunities for the students pursuing Diploma in Aviation Management.

Course Benefits:

Comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge in the subject of airlines, passenger as well as cargo traffic..

  • Programme will make the students job ready.
  • Cost-effective and at the same time high in quality.
  • Certification is backed by a system of high professional standard of the Institute.

Employability :

Aviation sector in India is growing at a whopping 25% per annum, creating a large chunk of jobs. There is presently a shortage of trained pilots. The industry is expected to add 130 airliners to the current fleet of 270 airliners, which would in turn push up manpower demand. Plum posts include that of flight dispatchers, cabin crew, airline managers, airport managers and ground handling personnel. The industry would create 200,000 jobs by 2017.

With liberalization of aviation industry in India, several job profiles have opened up for experienced job-seekers as well as freshers. Those desirous of a career in aviation sector have plenty of option to look out for. From customer support, ticket reservation, transportation of perishable cargo, regulation of traffic to cargo reservations, aviation administration and cockpit resource management, the aviation sector offers plenty of job opportunities. Even the government or aviation regulatory bodies offer numerous job profiles related to this field.

Eligibility :

3 year Graduation in any discipline from a recognized Institution / University.

Course Outline:

First Semester Second Semester
History of Aviation
Air Transport
Aviation Law
Human Resource Management
Aviation & Environment
Safety & Security
Aviation Liability & Insurance
International Organizations
Financial Management
Industrial Training & Project
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RCM Tourism MBA | RCM MBA Students | RCM MBA Certificates


Master in Business Administration (Tourism) is a two year full time programme and a highly advanced industry-driven course designed to cater to the varied needs of the Travel & Tourism sector. It equips students with higher skills for Management of Travel Agencies, Tour Operations, Hotels, Resorts, Tourism Corporations, Guide Services, Aviation Industry and various other ancillary trades. This professional MBA program links the students to a uniquely influential network of experts from the tourism and leisure industry. Various pedagogical approaches such as case studies, presentations, group work, etc. are being used in teaching.

The curriculum of the MBA (Tourism) comprises of a Business Core and 2 specializations. The Business Core aims at reaching a common, scientific and economic level of knowledge and ensuring the quality of the program. The specializations are dedicated to in-depth studies in Tourism and Travel Management.

All specializations have been designed with the demands of current business practice in mind. Moreover, they aim to prepare participants for future changes arising from increasing environmental uncertainty and globalization. To this end, curricula have been developed by academicians in close cooperation with specialists and top executives from industry.

The course and the pedagogy are carefully crafted to suit to the highly competitive and fast changing today’s environment. The MBA (Tourism) programme is duly approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Government of India. The course is affiliated to BPUT, Rourkela.


RCM has a huge Library with an excellent collection of books for use by students, scholars and staff members. Subscription of some international and national journals/ periodicals is a part of our continuous efforts to keep the students abreast of the latest developments in the field of tourism.

The institute has two girls’ hostels in its own Iush-green campus at a prime institutional area of the capital city of Bhubaneswar. Besides, hostels are there for boys in the vicinity of the college. Each room has attached bathroom and all modern facilities like washing machines, telephone, T.V., Internet etc.


Placement Cell of the Department remains in charge of a full-time faculty member to make arrangement for internship and final placement of students. Outgoing students are place in Airlines, Travel Agencies, Hotels, Govt. Tourist Offices, Tourism Development Corporations and Travel Desks of reputed companies. Students are placed in high positions in different organizations like the British Airways, Air India, Air Deccan, Sahara Airlines, Lufthansa, Thomas Cook, BTI – SITA, Cox & Kings, SOTC, Raj Travels, Swosti Travels, et al with all perks and privileges.

Training in Computerized Reservation System (CRS), Business Communication and Personality Development Programme, Foreign Language Learning have added value to this course.

RCM is enlisted as a member of PATA, TAAI, IATO, AIMS & AMDISA.. Membership of these international / national organizations and associations contributes to students’ learning, exposure and final placement.


RCM has a galaxy of highly educated and experienced faculty members under whose guidance the students excel in different specialization group of papers.

The air-conditioned Lecture Halls, Laboratory and Auditorium are equipped with educational audio / video gadgets, computers, LCD projectors and network connections for providing a conducive study environment.

Contact us:

Regional College of Management
Chakadola Vihar, Chandrasekharpur
Bhubaneswar – 751 023 (Odisha)

Telephone    :    +91 – 9090080854
+91 – 9090080853
Fax           :    +91-674-2300421
E-mail     :    rcmtourism@rcm.ac.in
:    rcmtourism@gmail.com
Website  :    http://www.rcmspace.com

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RCM Executive MBA | RCM MBA Students Degree | RCM MBA Students Certificates


  • To groom the students in sound management concepts, analytical tools, practical & adaptable functional and inter-functional/general management skills.
  • To develop their sensitivity and capability to continually respond to rapidly changing environments and opportunities in the frame work of professionally sound and socially responsible values and attitudes.
  • To instill in the future managers a life-long sense of participation, involvement and satisfaction as contributors to the wider developmental endeavour. The broad objective is to produce quality & customized products.
  • To strengthen and well equip the research, consultancy and MDP activities with faculty and pedagogy for the benefit of the institute and the society as a whole.


  • Offering a set of programmes /curriculum which meets the needs of the students coming from different backgrounds.
  • Hiring the services of highly qualified and internationally experienced teachers to teach courses relevant to a continuously changing environment.
  • Selecting students who demonstrate skills & competencies at all India tests.
  • Providing necessary infrastructural and logistic support and an environment in the campus conducive to teaching and learning endeavor.


The vision of the Department is to become a Leading International Centre for Management learning by ensuring a continuous supply of knowledgeable, active and professionally committed managers, who look for new innovative and creative strategies in order to meet competitive threats positively and effectively for achieving competitive excellence. As a centre of excellence Department vision is to become one among the Top TEN B-schools of the country by 2010.


  • To groom the students with sound management concepts, analytical tools and practical and adaptable functional, inter-functional and general management skills.
  • To develop their capability sensitive them to continually respond to rapidly changing environments and opportunities in the framework of professionally sound and socially responsible values and attitudes.
  • To instill in the future managers a life-long sense of participation, involvement and satisfaction as contributors to the wider developmental endeavor. The broad objective is to produce high quality and customized products.
  • To strengthen and the research, consultancy and MDP activities with faculty and develop socially relevant pedagogy for the benefit of the institute and the society as a whole.
First Trimester
MPC 1001 Organization Structure & System
MPC 1002 Quantitative Methods for Managers
MPC 1003 Organizational Behaviour
MPC 1004 Managerial Economics
MPC 1005 Financial Accounting
HSS-1001 Communicative English
HSS-1901 Communicative Practice Laboratory
Second Trimester
MPC 1006 Marketing Management-I
MPC 1007 Human Resource Management-I
MPC 1008 Operation Management-I
MPC 1009 Financial Management-I
PCS-1001 Managerial Computing
PCS-2901 Managerial Computing Lab
HSS-1002 Business Communication
HSS-1902 Business Communication Lab
Third Trimester
MPC 1010 Business Research
MPC 1011 Human Resource Management-II
MPC 1012 Marketing Management-II
MPC 1013 Operation Management-II
PCS-1014 Financial management-II
PCS-1002 Management Information System
PCS-2902 Management Information System Lab
HSS-1903 Personality Growth Laboratory

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